Hip Hop Dance Skills

Want skills? Then start hip hop dancing. Let's look at some of the many skills hip hop dance will bless you with.

So to start off with it will make you a better dancer. Pretty obvious right? Well yes except it will only make you a better dancer if you do it right!

If you practise the moves the wrong way, they will look wrong. And you may end up looking even sillier than before.

But assuming you do the moves that you learn in the stylish way they were intended and you are taught, then yes yes you'll become a better dancer.

The Other Skills


Ok so now that we've got the obvious covered let's look at some of the other skills you are likely to develop as a result of hip hop dancing.

Well here's a nice one. You're probably going to become more attractive to the opposite sex. When you dance.

Dancing in many species is a mating ritual and while those that can't dance can still find partners if they're lucky in the human species, dancing is a very attractive quality to have.

And you know what they say about good dancers...they're usually good in the ***room. If you can get your body to do all that it does in a routine, then bedroom routines are bound to be a doddle. Or at least that's the way of thinking. I guess you can only find out if these skills develop by yourself, uh hum.

You will also likely find that for some reason you get better at remembering sequences. Dancers aren't know for being school geniuses but you must admire their ability to learn those complex choreographies.


When you begin learning routines as well, some of these skills will become developed in you as well.

So next time you have to remember which aisle you find the milk the first time in the supermarket, you may be able to trace your steps a bit better in your head and get that milk easily and triumphantly with more regularity.

You'll probably find it easier to get up on the dance floor, you'll probably find it harder to leave the dance floor.

If you didn't know what a beat in music was, you will soon find out. And after you've found out you will never ever miss the beat again for the reast of your life.

You'll probably also develop a happy skill when your favourite songs come on and you can dance to them.


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